in my mind im already retired

Therapists seek to improve a person’s mental health. Career coaches guides one in their business or career path. If you feel that you need either of those professionals, please view the IMMAR club page. The Retired Mindset is something that can be achieved during your career or business and is a companion to a healthy mind. If after you have read this introduction, you choose to champion your retired mindset, I will be your ambassador. As a retired mindset ambassador, I am here to help you figure out how to retire your mind from work when it counts. I work five and sometimes six days per week. Yet, In my mind, I am already retired. I am retired every day when I leave work, until I return to work the next day. I am retired when I clock out for the weekend until I clock in on Monday morning. Because I am present when I am working, I am also present when I am retired. Meaning, I do not concern myself with a deadline or project or whatever must be done at work. It will be there when I return to work. If you seek a mental retirement, join me in conference.